20 Years

New ASA Network website launched

Hello to each and everyone of our members today I want to advise you that the new ASA Networks website is launched, we hope you will like the new format, its designed now to be compatible with your computers, laptops, tablets and i phones.

We hope we have knocked all the bugs (glitches) but if you find something is not working please let me know, please play around with the website to make sure you can navigate to all parts.

We have now incorporated a New programme “ASA Newsletter” and we ask you send these into the webmaster and once a week or 2 weeks or once a month we will send out a newsletter with your articles. Of course it will only work if you send in your stories on a regular basis.
We are looking for stories with Pictures where applicable on any of these subjects
1) Special Projects you maybe handling (Out of gauge shipments).
2) Unusual shipments (Aid relief shipments, Sand to Abu Dhabi, Ice to Iceland etc.).
3) Company relocations or opening a new office or Promotion of senior mangers.
4) Great communication/handling of shipments with another member.
5) New service you have recently introduced you think would be useful to our members.
5) Personal achievement of a member ( Maybe climbed mount Everest for charity etc.).
6) Things you think will be of interest to other ASA members like major International Exhibition you are participating in and extend invitation to others to visit.

This can be a good promotional tool for you to sell your company to all members and as always the more you send in the more you will be promoting your business.

There is a saying “Who ever sings the loudest and longest will be heard” make you are not one of the silent ones left behind.

We hope you will like the new website.