Seatrans Maritime S.A. Bilbao, Spain


12th April 2022

We are delighted to welcome Seatrans Maritime S.A. – Bilbao Spain into the ASA family.

Let me tell you a bit about them the company was founded in 1983, Seatrans Maritime are General Freight Forwarders, handling Ocean and Airfreight and are Customs brokers, they operate Rail, and Road freight distribution. They also operate services to Iberian Peninsula, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands.

They are very diversified group also acting as Liner Agents, Ships brokers and provide Stevedoring and Warehousing. They handle many shipping lines from various countries for both conventional cargos and containers, and project cargo.

Next time you have a shipment with Spain please contact Santiago and his team they would lover to hear from you.



Dear ASA members please take time to read below and attached are the Rules on Red Alert System and how to Operate/make a report.

Firstly the Red Alert System details are all located in the ASA members directory front page. This lists all ASA members and their countries, we have now added an extra line at the end after “Mailing and Website ” Red Alert” which when a member has a red alert report against them – there will be a Red triangle with a ! inside the triangle.

I have put on an example of MTI Express Morocco,  so scroll down the directory list to MTI – Morocco and you will see the triangle on the right side.

Secondly if you now click on MTI directory page it will bring up their entry, right at the top you will see a broad RED strip with the triangle and in clear capital letters Credit suspended. so this is how a message could look, but we can put any message we want such as Note: Very slow payers etc. or some other message.

This is a simple good visual we can use and members can see at a glance if we try to add more and make it more complicated will make become more time consuming and impractical without redesigning our whole ASA website at some considerable cost..

I have also produced a simple Red Alert Reporting form for members to complete and send.  Please look at this simple draft report form. we can amend this in the future if need be.

Reporting a Red Alert: When in the ASA Directory page if you click on any ASA member it will open that members info and on the top right of the page you will see a Red menu box “Report RED ALERT” click on this and it will bring up the form to complete and send to ASA Management.

Please take a moment to play with the system and read the suggested Rules, then let me have your comments/views, before we circulate this to all members.

The rules are attached to this link

ASA Red Alert System -Rules

Many thanks & regards



Crown Logistics – Kuwait

 Crown Logistics & Crown Business Group have a very interesting niche market that they are heavily involved in FMGC handling the distributing Cosmetics & Personal Care products and supply to more than 120 hypermarkets in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf..

In its general business Crown logistics are a major freight forwarder in Kuwait handling Ocean Freight, Airfreight,  Customs Clearance and warehousing and distribution in the Gulf.

They have also recently started a new business which is JC Premiere Products from Philippines. If anyone interested to do this business you can inform me so that this is new window opportunity to your agent network or clients who is seriously interested to start and associate with us.

Thank you and kind regards,

George Madtha

ASA Conference / Meating 2022


ASA Network Conference 2022


This is an open letter to all members; we want to hear back from each and every one of you regarding holding our annual ASA Conference in 2022.

You will recall for the 2020 & 2021 we had to postpone these annual meetings due to the Covid – 19 epidemics around the world which made it very unsafe to travel and due to many countries closing flights and boarders.

This year at present the Covid situation is a lot better with all countries rolling out ant-Covid vaccines and countries opening their boarders and we can see that travelling has become much safer and easier with flights resuming.

However, we know that some countries still have imposed quarantine/isolation restrictions on arrival into their country, and some demanding a negative Covid test certificate before boarding a plane. But again, we hope these individual country restrictions will be eased over the coming months as Covid becomes less of a threat due to the vaccination programs.

We would like to get your feedback regarding attending an ASA Conference later this year say in October, we are looking to hold the conference in Pattaya Thailand. Can you please let us know your thoughts to the following options, to enable us to make a quick decision on plans for 2022?

We have already been contacted by quite a few members wanting details about this year’s ASA conference/meeting.

Option 1) I will certainly attend the conference this October, even if it is a smaller than normal Conference.

Option 2) I’m not sure at present if I would attend.

Option 3) No, I think we still need to give more time to ensure Covid does not reappear with a 4th wave.

Please let us have your answers by no later than the 4th March, so we have time to evaluate and make decisions for this year, including booking a hotel for this year.

Send your replies and comments to Roy Loken & Robert.


Many thanks & keep safe.

Best regards


Ningbo Cheer Logistics

Ningbo Cheer Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supply chain management company providing comprehensive services for cross-border logistics and foreign trade export.
Its core business includes FBA air delivery, China-Europe Railway, China-Europe truck Flight, China Customs/finance and tax management consulting, third-party overseas warehousing, transit and single consignment, global direct delivery of small parcels and other comprehensive cross-border logistics services.
Our product line covers Europe, America, Middle East, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia and other places.
Located adjacent to the world’s largest small commodity market – Yiwu Small commodity market, China, we are able to provide a comprehensive export services, the core content involves agent export customs declaration, foreign exchange settlement and supply chain finance.
Ningbo Cheer Logistics is looking forward to cooperating with you in the future!

Help make ASA even stronger


Hi All, How time flies, already we are into February, and the annual New Year is already over a month old. We also hope you all had a good Chinese New Year the year of the Tiger.

We would like to make the year of the Tiger an important year by increasing ASA’s worldwide network cover and we would like to ask for your help by nominating some new members in the following Cities/countries as we want to specifically improve our worldwide coverage in the following areas.

1. Afghanistan   2. Moscow- Russia, 3. Ukraine,  4. Kazakhstan, 5.  Turkmenistan.       6. Uzbekistan. 7. Barcelona, Madrid-Spain.

8. Bahrain. 9.  Muscat-Oman. 10 Algeria. 11  Senegal. 12. Ivory Coast. 13. Lagos-Nigeria. 14 Uganda

14. Dalian, China. 15 Cambodia. 16, Vancouver- Canada, 17. Costa Rica. 18 Panama.  19 Colombia. 20 Chile.

16. Any of the west Indies,  and Cuba.

This would make a huge difference to our numbers and much better coverage for our members, of course there are other countries also missing this is just a few to give you an idea. Please try hard to introduce at least one new agent in any of these areas.

Don’t forget you will receive a reward of E 200 for each new member you introduce and joins ASA .

Many thanks

Best regards



Atlas Logistics – Bangladesh, ASA membership terminated in 2021



Despite terminating Atlas Logistics ASA membership in 2021 for deliberate and constant payment delays to other ASA members, we have had a few instances where Atlas are still contacting ASA members requesting help in handling their shipments. Please ignore these requests as you will undoubtedly end up with long payment delays.

This agent has had its membership also cancelled by Win Logistics network for the very same reasons of very poor payment moral.

Thank you for your attention




Aguila Cargo – Lima, Peru


Aguila Cargo is a Freight Forwarder company established in Lima- Perú that provides personalized services of Logistics, Foreign Trade and International Transportation. The company was created in 2013 to provide effective and efficient services; for this purpose our staff are continuously trained and motivated to provide to its customers the best services possible.

By providing advice and logistic solutions to its customers has helped make the company achieved its goals and exceed its expectations of development.

Services provided: –

    Maritime Services for Dry and Reefer Containers, FCL & LCL

    General Cargo and Special Equipment (Flat Racks, Open Tops, and Platforms)

    Multimodal Air Service and Import/Export, Cargo Consolidation, Courier.

    Import Cargo Deconsolidation, and Customs clearance. Warehousing

    Project Cargo management. General Consulting.

    Tracy and her team would love to hear from you if you have any enquiries for any          of the above services – Mrs. Tracy Trillo Pineda


Ncube Logistic Solutions – Pune India


We take this opportunity to introduce Ncube Logistic Solutions in Pune India and share their company profile for your future reference and hope for a good business relations with you. They offer one stop solutions of air and sea Imports & exports along with custom clearance.

NCL has been committed to providing door to door services like Freight Forwarding, Air & Ocean freight, Custom Clearance, Transportation, Courier shipment, Break bulk cargo, Warehousing etc.


They have a well-established track record and their services have always met with great customer satisfaction . Services are at a very competitive prices and they have never been known to compromise on the quality of our service especially to our customer.

They look forward to hearing from you with your next enquiry for the Pune region and assure you of their best services at all the times .

They come recommended by our member WTL in China.





Red Alert System


Dear Members, we would like to get your feed back from each and everyone of you regarding possibly introducing an Early warning payment – Red Alert System.

The idea behind this is to ensure all ASA members pay each other in an agreed time frame (this agreement made between each member regarding these transactions) this can be 30-45-60 -90 days per your agreement with the other party. Then if the payment agreement is not kept too you should notify ASA Management.

We want to discuss this subject due to freight rates in the past year sky rocketing.

For example a single 1,000 + Kgs airfreight shipment from Asia to Europe or South America can be around USD 10k, or a couple of Sea freight boxes can again be 10K +  which is about 4-5 times more than it was in 2019/20.  So its very easy to see credit facilities jumping up massively in a single month.

Right now we have a very good record of payments among our ASA members so we are not wanting to suggest otherwise, its just a discussion as do we want to keep a closer notes as a group re possible delayed payments.

If you do want to adopt this Red Alert System you must realise it will only work if you always report to ASA Management any payment delays beyond agreed payment terms, so we can get a complete picture and then circulate this info to all ASA members, probably on a monthly basis.

The downside of this Red Alert System is if once an ASA member is reported as a slow payer it could effect future business opportunities with other ASA members as all members will see they have been high lighted as a slow payer, even if payment is delayed by just one week without the the agreement of the other member.

If the general consensus is we should adopt some kind of Red Alert System then we will have to set the ground rules regarding what is not an acceptable delay beyond the agreed credit terms, also a system to take off a listed member once payment received, but maybe if regular reports of slow payments they stay on the list etc.etc.

We would welcome your comments and suggestions on the above please ensure you all reply one way or the other.

Many thanks for your help

Best regards

Robert & Roy