20 Years



                                             Important announcement

We need to bring to your attention that one of our long standing members XFreight Cargo Ecuador has now defaulted on payment to one of our member, and despite giving them every opportunity to make this long overdue payment all they have done is make lots of payment promises but none have been kept. We have tried our hardest to give them the benefit of extra time as a long standing member in the hope they would make some payments but unfortunately only broken promises of payment.

Therefore we unfortunately have no choice but to advise you not to extend any credit terms to XFreight Cargo – Ecuador, we have also suspended/cancelled their ASA Membership until this payment problem is resolved at which time we will carry out a review with the ASA Committee.

In the meantime the debt has also been placed with FDRS Debt Collectors. There is also a credit warning on the ASA Website as well as confirmation their ASA membership is cancelled..

Many thanks for your attention to the above