Gunther van Miegham of Belgium Logistic Services in Brussels



Dear Members, many of you will know Gunther van Miegham of Belgium Logistic Services in Brussels, what you probably don’t know is Gunther has been having Chemotherapy treatment for Lung Cancer for the past year and thankfully is now making a very good recovery.

Gunther, is also a very keen road racing cyclist in his spare time. now he wants raise money for Cancer Research by competing in “Cycle against cancer 2023” It’s over 1000 km and he must complete 250 km every day against an average speed of 30 km/hour..  FYI Gunther did this way back in 2017 but under quite some different conditions of course (not recovering from Cancer).

The event takes place in Spring 2023, to be able to enter Gunther must raise the minimum entrance fee of Euros 5,500 and would like your help to do this.

To sponsor Gunther payments are to be transferred directly to the bank account of KOTK (Kom op tegen Kanker =fight against cancer”), being :  BE14 7331 9999 9983 with the reference (very important !) : “170250782 + GIFT” (this way gifts will be appointed to my team).

Here are some of the links you can use to be redirected to the official website;

We don’t normally send out requests for support or sponsorship programs but have made this exception in this case to show our support for Gunther a long-time member of the ASA family.  We do hope you will be able to help sponsor Gunther any amount will be most helpful for this very important Cancer charity

For more info please contact Gunther directly on