Help make ASA even stronger


Hi All, How time flies, already we are into February, and the annual New Year is already over a month old. We also hope you all had a good Chinese New Year the year of the Tiger.

We would like to make the year of the Tiger an important year by increasing ASA’s worldwide network cover and we would like to ask for your help by nominating some new members in the following Cities/countries as we want to specifically improve our worldwide coverage in the following areas.

1. Afghanistan   2. Moscow- Russia, 3. Ukraine,  4. Kazakhstan, 5.  Turkmenistan.       6. Uzbekistan. 7. Barcelona, Madrid-Spain.

8. Bahrain. 9.  Muscat-Oman. 10 Algeria. 11  Senegal. 12. Ivory Coast. 13. Lagos-Nigeria. 14 Uganda

14. Dalian, China. 15 Cambodia. 16, Vancouver- Canada, 17. Costa Rica. 18 Panama.  19 Colombia. 20 Chile.

16. Any of the west Indies,  and Cuba.

This would make a huge difference to our numbers and much better coverage for our members, of course there are other countries also missing this is just a few to give you an idea. Please try hard to introduce at least one new agent in any of these areas.

Don’t forget you will receive a reward of E 200 for each new member you introduce and joins ASA .

Many thanks

Best regards