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CROWN LOGISTICS Company WLL is a fully integrated Kuwait based logistic service provider. offering full services from small parcels shipment to the transportation of project shipments for industry, and general international business by air and ocean.

Whether it is import or export, air or sea or road, a difficult customs problem, or specialized handling in shipping or delivery, Crown Logistics provide the most cost – effective services tailored to the needs of each individual client.

CROWN LOGISTICS prides its selve on its reputation of the excellent services. International partners are carefully chosen so to provide best customer service.

CROWN LOGISTICS Company WLL is a Kuwait based Logistics Service provider. They are a young, dynamic and enthusiastic international freight forwarding company, specializing in logistics solutions by Sea and air from all over the world. They also connect to all GCC countries via its extensive network of road transports.

Please welcome them to the ASA family and use them next time you have a shipment to or from Kuwait.


ASA Meeting 2021


Dear Members, you will recall a couple of weeks back we asked you all to send us your views on holding an ASA conference later this year and with a couple of other options such as holding a virtual meeting.

The response to our questionnaire was a little disappointing only around 50% of the members answered the question/vote. None the less we have to accept the results received is a reflection of what the ASA members wanted, unfortunately maybe some of you who did not reply may not be happy with the final result, but it was in your hands to reply.

The Results

The biggest vote 69.9 % was to postpone this year’s meeting to next year.  Which we will now cancel this year’s meeting to next year when hopefully Covid 19 will have become much less of a problem due to vaccine roll out around the world.

There was a further 13% of votes saying they would only attend a meeting if Covid 19 and or if the economy recovered this year. which is very unlikely to happen before October 2021.

What we did find a bit disappointing that only a very few members opted to have a virtual meeting as a replacement. Maybe due to time differences as our members are mostly in 3 different time zones, making it pretty much impossible to be able to speak with all members.

So now you have the information relating to holding an ASA conference & meeting in 2021 – its cancelled at the members request, which we would have also recommended due to the continued problems with Covid 19 and the associated travel restrictions and additional costs due to testing etc.

Best regards & keep safe




Skopje – Macedonia

We welcome Navico Shipping – Skopje to the ASA Family.

Navico has been established as a shipping and forwarding agent for more than 20 years offering its services to over 2000 clients, some of which are listed in the Fortune 500 list. They are amongst the highest ranking transport companies in Macedonia, excluding any major Multinational agents.

They have two container depots in Skopje and Gevgelija and are the official depots for shipping lines including: MAERSK, ZIM, CMA, COSCO, HAPAG LLOYD, and EVERGREEN, for whom they also offer their services for door to door delivery and drop off of empties and storing empties. Navico also has a large fleet of its own container trucks.

Navico are not just handling ocean freight but are also extremely active in airfreight imports and exports and Customs.

Please introduce yourselves to Kiril and his team they would love to hear from you.



ASA Conference 2021


This is an open letter to all members; we want to hear back from each and everyone of you regarding holding our annual ASA Conference in 2021. You will recall last year we had to postpone this due to the Covid – 19 epidemics around the world which made it very unsafe to travel and due to many countries closing flights and boarders.

We also understand that some of you have suffered an economic downturn in activity due to Covid 19 effecting many businesses.

This year at present the Covid situation has not changed much, but with the worldwide vaccine programs being rolled out we hope that travelling will become safer and easier in the near future.

We know that many countries have presently imposed quarantine/isolation restrictions on arrival into their country, and in addition demanding a negative Covid test certificate before boarding a plane, and a subsequent Covid test on arrival which all adds to the cost of travel. But again, we hope these restrictions will be eased over the coming months as Covid becomes less of a threat due to the vaccination programs.

We would like to get your feed back regarding attending an ASA Conference later this year say in October if air travel becomes safer and more available and the cancellation of restrictions on isolation on arrival in the country, we will hold the conference in. Can you please let us know your thoughts to the following options, to enable us to make a decision what to plan for 2021?

Option 1) Yes, if safe travel and venue is available, I will certainly attend the conference this October, even if it is a smaller than normal Conference.

Option 2) I’m not sure at present if I would attend due to safety and economic concerns.

Option 3) No, I think we still need to give more time to ensure Covid does not reappear with a 3rd wave, and we should postpone the Conference to next year 2022.

Option 4) Should we look at an alternative by holding a virtual Conference meeting instead although this will have time differences to overcome.

Please let us have your answers by no later than the 5th March, so we have time to evaluate and make decisions for this year.

Send your replies and comments to Roy Loken

Many thanks & keep safe.

Best regards