ASA Member X-Tract -Spain update


I’m delighted to be able to update you on the ASA Member for Spain, X-Tract Global Logistics. They have widened their services and facilities.

XGL is a flexible Logistics provider dedicated to international transports by sea, air and land.

Specialising in services for dangerous goods gives them a huge advantage over many of its competitors, and with their own warehouses all equipped and certified for handling dangerous goods and a customs warehouse, that make easier handling every step in import & export customs processing.

XGL is also the only prime Spanish forwarder operating it’s own export LCL consol box using the port of Valencia to Asia and Oceania via Singapore, LCL consol boxes to de Middle East and Africa via Dubai and LCL consol box to Alexandria and inner Africa destinations.

Track and trace in real time is possible through an app in X-Tract Global’s website, developed by their IT department.

These services are not just limited to LCL ocean freight, they also run consol by air to the same markets from Barcelona and Madrid.

Check out their services in more detail on their website

Next time you have any shipping requirements with Spain, why not give a call to Angelo and his team, they would love to hear from you.