ASA Annual Conference 2020 Postponed

Coronavirus Covid-19

Dear ASA members we are all aware of the continued Covid-19 epidemic getting bigger and bigger and many countries are now totally closing down, business being effected, passenger travel scedules reduced by more than 75%,  and the economy of most countries now starting to suffer.

We put the heath and safety of our members as our top priority and therefore do not want to take the risk of asking you to travel later this year even if the Covid-19 is being brought under control. We therfore we have decided to postpone this years conference to next year same venue Pattaya in Thailand and the new dates will be 17-20th October 2021.

We did run a poll with our members last month about cancelling or postponing the annual confernce and had a mixed response to this, but generally members wanted to delay the decision to later in the year but since then the epidemic has gottem far worse.  So we hope you will realise that this is the only course of action we can follow as we must put your heath and safety first despite all new precautions being taken by the hotel to counter the virus spreading.

Right now airlines are offering fantastic discounted rates for travelling even if booked for 2021, so we would suggest this would be a good time to book your tickets for next year,the meeting will start Sunday evening and finish Wednesday afternoon, the hotel is the wonderful Bay View Hotel and has beach access. so why not stay a few days longer after the meeting to relax with friends.

Best regards