ASA annual meeting planned for 18-21st October in Pattaya, Thailand.


Dear members we are just about to finalise our arrangements with the Bayview Hotel as our venue in Pattaya, Thailand when the world has been thrown into chaos re the Coronavirus, and of course we don’t know how long this will run for before a cure is found and the spreading stopped.

We therefore want to ask you all for your urgent feed back on the following points:-

  1. The Bayview Hotel has been most helpful and understanding in agreeing to be our venue for this years ASA Meeting and offered some very good discount on room rates as part of the package.

The hotel has also agreed to not charge any cancellation fees up to 31 days before the conference date because of the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, which I think is very good of them. However as ASA has to put down stage deposits to cover the meeting facility, lunches , dinners and cocktail party costs,  30% on signing the contract (February), another 30% end of April and then a further 20% in August, the balance on 1st October therefore we need to know that members will attend the meeting as long as the Coronavirus has been beaten.

  1. The alternative is we look now for a different venue outside of ASIA and China, this could be South or Central America or Europe, however there is still a risk of the Coronavirus in these places but at present a lot less than in Asia, and hopefully a cure found soon and as its spread is a lot easier to stop it.
  1. The Final alternative is we consider deciding to cancel holding an ASA meeting this year, which would be the first time in 17 years we have not had a get together. This will not help our newer members wanting to meet you and do business with you.

We need all of you to send us your feed back not just one or two of you as this is a very important matter. The last 2 years we have seen our meetings grow and grow and those attending making positive remarks about the benefits of meeting fellow members also the enjoyment of the occasions.

Please let us have your comments on 1-2. and also advise if you would attend our meeting once Coronavirus has been beaten or if you feel we should cancel holding a meeting this year.

Send your replies to by the 19th February 2020 latest.

Many thanks