Visiting Dubai – Visas

Once again I want to draw your attention to double checking if you need a visa to visit Dubai, I strongly recommend a quick phoine call to the airline issuing your tickets would be a good starting point, they will know if you need a visa from your origin.

We have also sent out several lists of countries not requiring a visa the info coming from The UAE Immigration Dept. I hope you checked to see if your country was on this list.

We can confirm that the visa agency appointed locally in Dubai has successfully obtained 8 visa so far for our members, so if you need a visa let us know and always cc Shaukat of Najd Star, e-mail but if your flying on Emirates they also have a visa service as part of their ticketing.

Well the clocks running and time is flying bye so please do not leave it any longer to get your vis if you need one they take a little while to get 7-14 days.

See you all in Dubai