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Allow me to take this opportunity introduce you TOL, Trans Orient Logistics. TOL head office is located in Hong Kong as a Master co-loader of Air Cargo, having a regular air consolidation for exit Hong Kong  to USA, Europe and Asia. TOL build airlines ULD in their warehouse for CX, PO, UPS, OZ, LH, UA, EK…etc. Apart from the general cargo, TOL also moves D.G. cargo like Power bank, Batteries out of HKG by Air regularly.

TOL are also currently handling a project for the construction of Casino Hotel in Macau with equipment coming from all over the world but mainly from USA to HKG by Air, its then transferred via Ocean from Hong Kong to Macau door as consolidated shipments.

TOL has regular general ocean freight import and export Hong Kong and Mainland China to other countries.

In additional, TOL is able to offers distribution, inventory control, warehousing management for specific requirements on logistics management solutions. Nowadays, TOL also handling the e-commerce logistics for some electronic brands which distributed from Hong Kong.

You can meet with Alex Ko from Trans Orient Logistics at the ASA meeting in October as he plans to be there.

See you all in HCMC in October