South Africa New Customs Regulations

Hi Folks

Please note that South Africa will be introducing the Advance Manifest system shortly for all Shipments Arriving or Leaving South Africa by All Modes of Transport

The system will go live from 1st August this year. However start complying from now.

In a nutshell a large portion of the system will be handled by the Carriers if there are Direct shipments ie Ocean Bills of Lading direct to Consignees or MAWB Consigned directly to receivers.

All South Africa  Customs Brokers will be liable for is all Shipment that have a HAWB or H B/L and a Manifest. ie Air Freight Consolidations , Sea Freight Groupage Containers of Co loads

The Manifest must show Shippers name, Consignee No of Pieces , Mass , Dims and description of the cargo

It must also be reference to the MAWB  or Ocean Bill of Lading Numbers and showing Flight or Voyage Details and any Transshipment details.

Below is what we understand at present regulations, however this might be changed in the future.

Requirements:- A Manifest for Air Freight at least 24 Hours  prior to dispatch as this will have to be submitted to Customs.

Sea freight  at least a 2 days prior to despatch from Loading depot.

Then only when Customs give the Green light can the cargo be dispatched.

For further clarification please contact Nungufreight our ASA Member.