20 Years

ASA Website Bulletin Board


Calling all members we want to draw your attention to a great free advertising service you can use on the ASA website. I’m referring to the revolving bulletin board that shows various news articles, and at the moment we don’t have enough from ASA members so we have been padding this out with other news items, but would much prefer to have news features about ASA Members.

The only way we can achieve this is if you send us your news items, we can feature your company logo with the story and if you can provide photos even better.

These news items can be about various aspects maybe moving into a new office/warehouse, or new senior member of staff joining, an industry award your company has received, or a special project you are handling, or anything else you think would be interesting for our members to know.

Please please make use of this Bulletin board it’s for your benefit, send your articles to Roy Loken.

Many thanks & regards

P.S. Have you made your booking for Ho Chi Minh yet if not please do so now.